Is my chili safe to eat?

I prepared chili 3 hours ago and put it in an older crock pot, it wasn't plugged in or got unplugged. I just turned the temperature all the way up to get it to heat quickly. Is it still safe to eat? It contains well browned ground turkey that I did my best to degrease. Fresh vegetables are garlic, onion and bell pepper. Canned tomatoes and beans that were puréed together. I planned to keep it simmering overnight, can I still do this once it gets back up to temperature or do I have to discard it all?

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  • November 19, 2017


krikri November 19, 2017
Also it depends on how warm your house is. You could smell it and see if it smells funky, but it was only three hours. I wouldn't throw it away. That's what immune systems are for. :)
Nancy November 19, 2017
Smells of rottenness may indicate changes in the meat or its fat.
But keep in mind that many toxic bacteria give no smell.
So, absence of smell does not equal safety to eat.
Michele November 19, 2017
Not sure exactly how long it was on low, or out without cooking so this reply is based on not seeing it, but I am not one to throw stuff unless it is really awful. I would heat it really well for quite a while and use it. If you aren't sure have a smaller amount with a baked potato and see how it is. But that is just me.

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Nancy November 19, 2017
Safer to discard.
Have a look at this flyer from USDA on safe handling of meat.
Cooking, even to desired or recommended temperatures, after meat has been left out too long (>two hours a room temp, >one hour at 90F or above), does not remove bacterial danger from the time the meat was sitting out.
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