quick vinegar pickles: getting lost on botulism articles.

cant i just wash parfait jug well, put pickles in, refridge, done? put spears in lovely warm brine, put on rubber gasket, closed lid. isnt that enough? do i have to worry about sterilization and gaskets etc?

  • Posted by: Tea
  • November 20, 2017


MMH November 21, 2017
Sterilize your jar but look at recipes for refrigerator pickles.
Amanda H. November 20, 2017
It's always a good idea to sterilize your jar (and gasket) before pickling. But if it's a quick pickle that you plan to keep refrigerated and eat within a week, then just washing the jug/jar well before adding the pickles should be fine.
Tea November 20, 2017
thanks! and as for the air? 1. tight seal and brine to the top? or 2. brine enough to cover the vegetable and just close the lid clasp and leave the orange gasket for real pickles?
Amanda H. November 20, 2017
Brine enough to cover the vegetable and I'd use the orange gasket just so the jar doesn't leak if turned on its side. Hope the pickles turn out great!
Tea November 20, 2017
im pretty sure if i just cover the vegetable with brine and close the lid, its fine. some recipes are overly descriptive about sterilizing the jug and making sure no air is trapped... if someone has a link explaining this all in like two lines im good! :)
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