Watermelon rind pickle miscalculation

I bought a delicious moon & stars watermelon from the farmer's market for a Labor Day BBQ, and since I cut the watermelon off the rind before serving, I decided to make rind pickles with them. Last night I made the pickling solution and upon filling my sterilized 1 quart jar (these are quick pickles so they're safe for this jar) with solution as high as I thought it could go, after a few hours I noticed the brine was no longer covering the rind pieces. I guess the rinds absorbed quite a bit of the solution.

Should I make up some more pickling solution to top it off right away, or should I just remove (eat) some of the pickles and hope the solution remains at the same level? Any advice is appreciated!

Jan Weber


Jan W. September 10, 2015
Thanks for the advice - I prepared some extra solution and added more to the jar. The rinds seem to have stopped absorbing the liquid, so I will let them rest for a day or two, then taste. I also saved a cup or so of solution just in case. They kept so much of the nice red & green color - looks delicious!
MrsWheelbarrow September 10, 2015
Just make more and top it off.
702551 September 10, 2015
Since pickling solution is usually easy and cheap to make, I'd just make some more and top off. Make a little extra and keep in the fridge until you are convinced that the rinds have absorbed all they are going to.
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