My turkey is 28.5 lbs. I am going to brine it. If I slow roast it (stuffed) at 250 degrees, how long should I slow-roast for?

Jody Hawes


Jody H. November 21, 2017
Okay - thanks so much for your help! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2017
Hi Jody - here is Erin McDowell's recipe for a slow roasted turkey: She recommends planning for 10 hours of cooking. It looks like a couple commenters had theirs done early, but since you're stuffing yours it would be good to give yourself the full amount of time.
Jody H. November 21, 2017
Thank you, Lindsay-Jean! Since this recipe is for a 14 lb. turkey, would you simply double the time for a 28.5 lb bird? I wasn’t sure if it would be as simple as that. :). Thanks for your help!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2017
I don't think you'll need double the time. In the comments, people with 20-pound birds were still close to the 10-hour mark. I might plan for 14 hours (or 16 if you want to be really on the safe side), but then I'd assume that it's going to be done before that (and you might have to gently reheat). Good luck!
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