Will making pumpkin pie a day ahead compromise it's integrity

Can I make pumpkin pie a day ahead and it keep it's integrity

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Sabrina D. November 23, 2017
No it will not. A home made crust fare better than store bought plus aren't you going to warm it up? This goes for Apple, pecan etc. I'd only be worried about a deep dish cobbler
cratecooking November 21, 2017
I agree about the comments on the crust but if it saves you stress and time on Thanksgiving Day I definitely think it’s worth it!

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Stephanie B. November 21, 2017
I bake mine Wednesday night and my guests and I still love it. I haven't noticed any issues with my crust - it's still crisp and flaky (I get comments on this from guests every Thanksgiving). Plus as host, there is no way a pie is getting in my oven on Thanksgiving, there's too much else going on between the turkey and things guests want to warm in the oven. So I say go ahead and bake your pie a day out.
702551 November 21, 2017
It will certainly be edible but if you are used to pies baked on the same day, you may notice a slight drop in quality, particularly the crust which will no longer be as crisp as a freshly baked pie since it has started to absorb moisture (especially the bottom crust).

It may end up resembling a pie that you buy at the supermarket which are probably 1-3 days old.

Considering that people save some room in their stomach for dessert, I have preferred to bake pies on the day they are to be served. This isn't specific to pumpkin pie.

Best of luck.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2017
A day ahead of time will be fine. Here are some more tips for making pumpkin pie ahead of time: https://food52.com/hotline/17671-can-i-make-a-pumpkin-pie-ahead-of-time-like-three-days
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