I par baked my pie crust for pumpkin pie but the bottom looks soggy and the butter pooled up in it. What did I do wrong?

Eileen Schleifer


Victoria M. November 20, 2018
Hi Eileen!

First, I would say any homemade pie after a Thanksgiving meal is going to taste amazing, even with a slightly soggy bottom.

Most pumpkin pie recipes go back into the oven once you add the pumpkin, so your crust will continue to bake and crisp up then.

Often times butter pools if a dough was overworked or too warm. I like to chill my dough after every few minutes, as I have hot hands and my butter starts to melt quickly. If you want a really crisp bottom, I would start the dough again, and be sure to chill the dough at every stage. If it was me, I would charge forward with my pie, as I am sure friends and family will love it either way!

Some more pie tips here:
Eileen S. November 20, 2018
Thanks so much, Victoria! I must have overworked it because it was cold when I put it into the oven. Hopefully all will turn out well when it is baked with the pumpkin filling! So thankful for your help and Food 52! Happy Thanksgiving!
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