So I made granola bars, but they turned out too dry. What can I add as moisture/a binding agent?



Hilarybee March 1, 2011
Use a combination of binding agents for the best results. Definitely start over.

For the softest bars, I go by the rule of Three, one part liquid sweetener, one part nut butter, one part fat. You'll need to use a liquid sweetener (honey, brown rice syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup. Corn syrup would work, I don't like using it because it has no taste). I generally use almond butter, cashew or hazelnut if I can find it. Macademia could be great, too. Then, fat. I recommend either melted butter or melted coconut oil.
Sam1148 February 28, 2011

I'd just start over if you going for bars.
But you can save the dried bars. Smash them up in a ziplock, store in the freezer and use as a crunchy topping for yogurt or ice cream, cooked oats, popcorn balls, rice crispy treats etc..etc.. The dryness would work with you there.
betteirene February 28, 2011
When you say "granola bars," is it a synonym for "health food"? If it is, read no further.

Go here: Follow the recipe for Fudge Caramel, cooking it to 240-245 degrees F. Allow it to cool slightly. Butter a piece of parchment and use it to line an 8"x8" pan. Pour six cups of granola into a mixing bowl. Drizzle a cup of caramel over it and stir, adding additional caramel by small spoonfuls until all the granola is covered. Press the mixture into the pan and allow to cool. Cut into bars while still pliable, wrap in parchment and store at room temperature practically indefinitely.

Or use melted butter and marshmallows.

I make my own granola using oatmeal, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds or pecans, raisins and dried cranberries with corn oil and honey or brown sugar as the binder.
ladyhawke82 February 28, 2011
@amanda Butter. The problem was that I forgot to melt it beforehand, & added it softened to the oats.

@Sam Should I just crumble the bars, re-mix, & re-bake?
Sam1148 February 28, 2011
Peanut, or almond butter and Honey for sure. Maybe applesauce. Figs, raisins, apricots, Any dried fruit that's not completely dry. 'tho I haven't tried could soak the oats in a bit of honey water beforehand.
Amanda H. February 28, 2011
What kind of fat is in your recipe?
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