I want to change the size of a cake, i want two smaller cakes from a recipe that calls for a nine in pan. How can i figure out what size to use



Catherine L. November 22, 2017
Once again, Alice to the rescue! https://food52.com/blog/13239-how-to-make-your-baking-recipe-fit-your-pan-size
Nancy November 22, 2017
A 9" pan has a volume of 8-10 cups (depending on if round, square or spring form).
An 8x4" loaf pan has about 4c capacity; so 2 of those might do. Or maybe 8" round pabs, but they'd be bigger than you need (about 6 cup each).
Or, you could make the original, cut in two layers and present each as a cake...frosted or dusted with icing sugar.
Nancy November 23, 2017
8" round if 2" high will hold 6c each, but if 1.5" high, will hold 4c.
6" round will hold 4c each.
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