My niece splashed a bit of dish soap in the apple pie as I was setting the lattice crust. Is there any way of saving a soapy pie?

It was just a small section of the pie, but I'm worried it would cook into the rest of the pie.

Abbie Zulock


sexyLAMBCHOPx November 23, 2017
DO NOT give the "really soapy" parts to the pets. Jeez!
Can you pick off the parts with the bits of soap? If so, I would do that and cook your pie.
If its really saturated, I wouldn't serve it.
Nancy November 23, 2017
Small bit may not harm the (whole) filling.
No sense in throwing it out now.
Not sure there is any way to tell except to bake the pie and taste it.
If really soapy, give to pets.
If they won't eat, it's history.
If this was your only dessert, start thinking about making another...or ask one of your guests to bring another dessert.
Happy Thanksgiving (despite the mishap)...

BerryBaby November 23, 2017
I'd toss the soapy section. I surely wouldn't give it to my pets! They should never be given people food.
Nancy November 23, 2017
BB - you're right about the pets.
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