, I'm faced with a bounty of veggies (artichoke, baby eggplants, broccoli rabe, garlic). What should I do with them?



Anitalectric March 1, 2011
I have a yummy recipe for a smoky, sweet Babaghanouj you could use the eggplant for: http://verdantkitchen.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/babaghanouj-with-chipotle-and-caramelized-onion/

If I had an excess of garlic I would roast the heads whole (with a centimeter sliced off the top), roast them, and then squeeze their insides into a batch of mashed potatoes!

Broccoli rabe and artichokes, after sauteeing with some dried herbs and lemon, would make a killer quiche.
Nora March 1, 2011
Is it less than helpful to say, send them to me?
Couldn't B. March 1, 2011
Make a Thai style vegetable curry by simmering them in a mixture of curry paste and coconut milk, a pinch of brown sugar, a splash of fish or soy sauce and a squirt of lime at the end.
Hilarybee March 1, 2011
Roasted for the eggplant and artichokes, for sure! I'd put them in a crusty baquette with fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of pesto.
I like a simple preparation of broccoli rabe. A simple saute, plenty of red pepper flakes, raisins and garlic. Add in some Balsamic at the end, et voila! Broccoli rabe is great with oricchiete pasta, with a bit of Italian sausage.
healthierkitchen March 1, 2011
My first thought was roasted - love farro10's idea!
betteirene March 1, 2011
Roasted as farro10 instructs, or sauteed, (with or without tomatoes and mushrooms), to top a pizza with fresh mozzarella or ricotta.
oliveannie March 1, 2011
How about a garlic-broccoli rabe-parmesan pesto on some eggplant-artichoke ravioli? Or on a plain pasta or crostini with roasted eggplant and artichokes?
francesca G. March 1, 2011
They would all be excellent roasted. Cut them all to a similar size so they roast evenly, douse them in olive oil, sea salt, and pop them into the oven at a relatively high temperature until they look dark or golden (depending on how crispy you like them.) A squeeze of lemon and a little peperoncino at the end and you're in business. Over a bed of grains or as a side dish, this could be great.
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