Spanish Chorizo is hard

Hi so is dryed spanish chorizo meant to be hard? I Was gifted a stick with no metal ring but peeled paper off its very tough to cut was going to do with pasta but am confused.



MMH November 29, 2017
Make paella
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 28, 2017
Yes, Spanish chorizo is hard. It's delicious and the sausage can transform a simple recipe or snack into a fiesta of flavor! Each slice is packed with flavor, especially Spain's famous pimentón smoked paprika and garlic. Chorizo has a way of accentuating any cheese plate - add it to bocadillo sandwiches, tortilla Española omelets or even mac and cheese! And, of course, the smoky flavor is perfect for the grill or added to paella. Search for pasta recipes and visit sites that call for Spanish chorizo and not Mexican chorizo.
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