Can melted hershey's kisses be used to dip cake pops?

I want to make cake pops but the candy melts dont taste good but i have a lot of hershey's kisses. Would that be good to use instead?



702551 October 31, 2018
The classic Hershey’s Kisses are plain milk chocolate.

You might consider just buying Hershey’s milk chocolate bars or a cooking chocolate product instead to avoid having to peel a bunch of candies. That would be a primary objection to using Kisses.

Best of luck.
Lori T. October 31, 2018
Yes, you can melt the kisses much in the same way you would melt chips and use them for dipping things. If you check the Hershey site, they have directions for melting chips to use as a coating/dip for treats and such.
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