How long does homemade cranberry sauce last

Made incredible pomegranate cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and have about a cup left. Already made amazing muffins and would like to use what is left for bread.
Internet has conflicting answers from days to months.
Anyone know the correct shelf life of homemade cranberry sauce?
Thanks! BB



Stephanie B. December 4, 2017
One year I found some cranberry sauce in the back of my fridge about 3-4 weeks after Thanksgiving. I warily approached it - no mold. Sniffed it - smelled ok. Tasted a tiny bit - still tasted great! I mixed it into salad dressings to get rid of it and lived to write this today.
ChefJune December 4, 2017
I've often made a big batch of Cranberry Sauce at Thanksgiving and saved the remainder for Christmas with no perceptive loss of quality. As long as it's refrigerated, you should be fine.
AntoniaJames December 4, 2017
And it freezes really well, at least mine does. I always put aside a one-cup deli container in the freezer and it tastes fantastic, I mean with no weakening of flavors whatsoever, a year later. I save it to eat a week or two before Thanksgiving, when I'm making gravy ahead of time. For lunch the next day, I put a bit of wing meat and hot gravy over a slice of the white bread (Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread or Everyday Potato Bread) that I make for stuffings / bread puddings, etc., with a touch of cranberry sauce on the side. It's one of my favorite meals of the year! ;o)
Nancy December 4, 2017
One way to think of duration for cranberry sauce is as a chutney, as Lisanne said, which last 1-6-12 mo in fridge, according to different recipes.
Or as a jam that didn't go through freezer bath (1-2 mo fridge, yr freezer)
Nancy December 4, 2017
Meant "water bath"
Michele December 4, 2017
I just finished what was left on Saturday and it was still as when made, the texture, etc hadn't changed. I have made it in past years and kept it (in the refrigerator) for about 3 weeks and there was no problem.
creamtea December 3, 2017
I have continued eating (and served to my family) my cranberry chutney for several weeks past Thanksgiving. In addition, I make mine a week prior to the holiday to give it time to cure.
702551 December 3, 2017
Based on my own personal experience, I'd say the refrigerated stuff can last about 3 days before quality begins to go south.

Frozen, it can probably last a couple of months.
Greenstuff December 3, 2017
I hope you get a good answer for this one. Cranberries are acidic and contain benzoic acid, both good reasons to think that simple cranberry sauces should keep for quite a while in the refrigerator.

Magnus Nilsson has an interesting recipe in his book The Nordic Cookbook for sugared lingonberries, small relatives of cranberries. It says that the benzoic acid levels in lingonberries are so high that there’s really no need to boil and can them, just mix in some sugar, and you can keep them in the refrigerator for years! I’ve followed his recipe, and sure enough, I’ve kept sugared lingonberries in the refrigerator for more than a year with no detectable change in quality.

My guess is that cranberries are more fragile—those of us who regularly buy them fresh know that we have to pick through them to remove the rotten ones. But I’m surprised that so many sites recommend just a week or two in the refrigerator—I’d like to see some data. Until then, you know you can freeze your sauce.
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