I made the cranberry sauce according to the recipe and yet when I’m trying to scoop it out of the dish it’s too hard to even penetrate the

I followed a recipe for homemade cranberry sauce with bourbon, followed the recipe exactly, and both times the recipe came out where I couldn’t even put a spoon through it. What did I do wrong?

  • Posted by: Df115995
  • November 27, 2022


Lori T. November 28, 2022
Since I do not know the specifics of the recipe, I can only give you basic reasons. Cranberries are particularly high in pectin, which is released when the berries are heated. The ability of the pectin is enhanced by the addition of sugar, as well. Finally, the longer you cook cranberries, the more pectic is released, and the more firmly the final product will become when it cools. If you cooked your sauce to a point where most of the cranberries had pretty well disintegrated, then what you made was more of a jelly than a sauce- culinarily speaking. You didn't do anything "wrong" per se, you just didn't make what you intended to. If you wish, you can gently reheat the sauce with additional water or cranberry juice- or any other companion juice you like for that matter- to loosen it up some. Just don't bring it to another boil. Some people think warmed sauce is even better and more nuanced in flavor - so you can find if you are in that category as well. For future reference, you might want to chop the cranberries before cooking, so they break down faster with less heating needed. And perhaps consider cutting back on the sugar levels as well as cooking for a shorter amount of time. Me, I like "stiff" cranberry sauce the next day, because it hangs out between the bread slices a lot easier and doesn't make it a mushy wet mess. :)
Nancy November 27, 2022
Hard to tell for sure with information supplied so far.
Could be too much pectin, too little liquid, too long cooking.
But as you followed the recipe twice and got those results, maybe the problem is in how it’s written, not in anything you did.
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