Kitchen Tool & Storage set from The Shop

During the shops sale day I purchased the Kitchen Tool & Storage Set I've had my eyes on. I have no idea where to store it! (please don't tell me store it up my arse). The set has three mason jars and the working parts do not fit in the jar and needs to be stored separably. The 3 mason jars and accessories came in its own box. For now its in a closet in the boxes - not very practical or handy when cooking. I guess I'll just find a tote bag and stash it somewhere and retrieve it when I need it or give up precious cabinet space but...what a pain.

I guess it thought from the picture it would be one mason jar with the accessories, which could somehow be placed inside the one jar. My bad and no returns, as you know. I bought it for its practicality and all in one storage for basic kitchen tasks.

Anyone else own the set? How do you like it? Where do you store it? Have you kept the boxes to keep each mason jar intact?




sexyLAMBCHOPx December 11, 2017
Thank you both for the suggestions. The spiralizer is super sharp with no protection as well as the grater. It motivated me to de-clutter and re-organize my kitchen cabinets.
Nancy December 11, 2017
If you make/use the one or more of the ingredients several days a week, I would keep one or more of the (filled) jars in the fridge.
Store the results of grating, twisting, juicing (cheese, veg spirals, citrus juice) use as needed, rinse & repeat.
Yes keep the functional tops somewhere near to hand.
If they're in a box, they're either out of sight/out of mind or too far from daily practice to use.
Customer-Care December 11, 2017
Hi there! So sorry for the trouble. This set does indeed come with three jars and three regular & specialty lids each. If you're trying to save on storage space, I'd store the jars and regular lids together, and keep the specialty lids in another safe place, like a kitchen tool drawer. I'm going to email you from [email protected] too, in case you have any other questions we can answer on this!
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