Add egg in eggless cake recipe

How to add egg in eggless sponge cake recipe? What should I replace and how much?

Here is my recipe:
320gm water
120gm oil
180gm powdered sugar
240gm all purpose flour
12gm baking powder
4gm baking soda
20gm milk powder

Please help....

Manisha Agrawal


Manisha A. December 18, 2017
No.. I haven't tried it yet.
But I made eggless. It was good. My purpose of adding egg is for volume and softness of cake.

In Paul Hollywood City Bakes show, I came to know that bakers use glucose syrup for softness and moistness of cake and they use it after beating eggs. Just like creaming method.
So, I also want to get some information about it...
Lindsay-Jean H. December 18, 2017
You always have the most interesting baking experiments Manisha, have you already tried making it with an egg? What's your goal in adding an egg?
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