this is not a food question but a wine question. I am not allowed alcohol for medical reasons one being I am Diabetic...however I am going on a 14 day cruise and want to buy a bottle of wine that only I will drink one glass of each night as a pairing with my food. I probably will be eating mostly fish or Italian as I am not a meat and potato girl.

What kind of wine should I look for that can be considered 'generic' enough to really pair with that kind of food and not be paying those ridiculous prices of 'beverage fees' for unlimited alcohol which I cannot consume



TrialandError September 20, 2010
As you are not a drinker as such, I'd sitck to a blended wine, which won't be too heavy or stong tasting in any one direction, i.e. grassy or oak, Something that is labelled as a good aparitif and not too high in alcohol, say 11.5% ABV.
drbabs September 19, 2010
I asked my husband--the wine person in the family--and he suggested a sauvignon blanc, but you might want to pose this question to Food52's wine expert spinthebottleny and see what she says.
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