I'm cooking 5 lamb shoulders in my oven for about 15h at 65 C, will this be sufficient?

I have laid the lamb shoulders in cooking bags. The oven is pretty full so I'm afraid this will effects how long time I should estimate. The oven has a fan.

Matias Gjestvang Greaker


PHIL December 21, 2017
Use a thermometer to check the internal temp of the meat but it sounds like 15 hrs would do it
Lindsay-Jean H. December 21, 2017
Hi Matias, I think you'll definitely want to rotate their positions during cooking to compensate for any hot or cold spots in your oven. And as far as timing goes, I'm going to see if I can get someone with more lamb experience to weigh in!
Matias G. December 21, 2017
OK thanks, I have also laid them in a oven pan full of water and covered that with aluminium foil, with the idea of creating a sous vide kinda effect.
Matias G. December 21, 2017
Here is a picture of the lamb shoulders.
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