I didn't realize you were supposed to keep the turkey in the wrapper when you're thawing it in the refrigerator I took it out of the wrapper and put i

The frozen turkey came in a rapper I took it out of that wrapper and I put it in the fridge so it'll fall it's been in there since Tuesday it's still frozen will it still be safe to use to cook and will it be still taste good not dry

Theresa Manjarez


Liz B. January 8, 2018
Responding to the previous answer, yes letting the skin dry out is beneficial. I've seen many recipes that actually call for that. Doing so leads to a crisper skin when the turkey is roasted.
MMH December 23, 2017
Breath. Take a look at altonbrown.com. Refer to his recipe for "the turkey I'll cook this year." I've prepared it. He lets it dry in the fridge for several days & the skin is more crispy. The drying has no effect on the meat.
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