Can I make a Beef Wellington without prosciutto?

Last time I made beef Wellington it was a bit too salty with the prosciutto. I would like to make it without but every popular recipe calls for it, and I don't want to have soggy dough. Can I use something else?

  • Posted by: Charles
  • December 23, 2017


Liz B. January 8, 2018
Food Network just demo'd the recipe and proscuitto was what was wrapped around the mushroom duxelles.
nancy E. January 8, 2018
I have never heard of proscuitto in a wellington before. The classic is mushrooms,(duxelles) chicken liver pate and crepes.
Liz B. January 8, 2018
Joanna - I was going to suggest slices of American ham - less salty but still might provide the insulation the crust needs to crisp.
Joanna S. December 23, 2017
You could definitely omit the prosciutto if you found it too salty last time. Just be sure your pastry is rolled thin enough so that it will crisp up for you. Another other option, if you're worried about soggy dough, is to use the prosciutto, but omit salt from the other stages of the process (the duxelles, when you season or sear off the beef). That way you can keep all the main components, but the seasoning will be better balanced.

Hope this helps!
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