If I want to flavor sugar cookies with anise, should I eliminate the vanilla extract?

  • Posted by: Momimel
  • December 23, 2017
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1 Comment

Nancy December 24, 2017
Up to you.
Depends on how much vanilla is in the recipe, and how strong or pure an anise taste you want in the cookies.
If you want a pure anise note, leave out the vanilla.
If your recipe has a regular or average amount of vanilla (1 tsp per 5 cup flour, say) and you like the taste, ok to keep the vanilla as it and anise can be compatible.
If your recipe has a dominant amount of vanilla (say, 1 tsp per 2.5 cup flour), I would eliminate or reduce it as that taste might overwhelm your anise.
Last suggestion, if you have time and it is available in your stores, you might consider replacing the vanilla extract with aniseed oil to flavor your cookies. Otherwise, use finely ground anise or fennel seeds.
And - if you have time - let us know what you did and how well they turned out. :)
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