I found a fully cooked ham buried in my freezer dated 2/2016. Can I still use it?

  • Posted by: Andrea
  • December 25, 2017


lloreen December 28, 2017
Ham soup. It may not taste as good as it would have originally, but soup cures a lot of tough meat problems!

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mainecook61 December 27, 2017
Of course you can, if it has been solidly frozen the whole time. If there is freezer burn, just trim it away. We keep meat from our animals in a chest freezer, and I often use a piece of meat that surfaces after being buried for longer than ideal. There is never a problem.
BerryBaby December 27, 2017
I wouldn’t take a chance. Toss it. Ham is on sales everywhere this time of year. You can pick up a great one for less than $20.00. That’s far less than a doctors visit and days of sickness! Happy New Year! BB
MMH December 25, 2017
If its a fully cooked ham, it may be freezer burned but it wont kill you. If you really dont want 2 part with it , I'd use it with a really strong flavored glaze or even bbq sauce. Or better yet, use it on the drunk family members on New Years! Only you will know!
Simplyaok December 25, 2017
That ham is going on 2 years.. I would throw it out.
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