stain removal for slate cheeseboard

What's the best method of removing dark oil stains from cupcakes and cheese on a slate cheese board? Also how to remove grey stains from pickled gherkins on slate cheese board? I've tried scrubbing with an old toothbrush and warm soapy water but the stains remain.

Elsie Tutu


Jillian B. January 22, 2019
I scoured the web for an answer to the same question, and after reading about all of the difficulties, I decided it's better to join 'em than fight 'em! (The stains, that is.) If I can't restore my slate cheeseboard to its original pristine condition, then why not at least make it uniform? I rubbed a little olive oil all over it with a clean rag, removed any excess, and voila it's beautiful again! You can actually clean your stainless steel appliances in the same manner oh, that one was really a shocker! No residue, just beautiful stainless steel without harsh chemicals. Good luck!
Vandana December 29, 2017
Slate is very porous, so you're likely trying to lift oil stains off several layers of foliation. Besides the suggestions above, I'd also try letting a baking soda/ water combination sit on the stain for a while before washing it off. And try setting the cheeseboard out in the sun. Sunlight is a great stain remover, and it might help here.
Carlee December 28, 2017
Since this is a food serving item, avoid any chemicals. My first suggestion is to pour the appropriate amount of full strength regular Dawn dish liquid onto the board where the oil stains are, board should be on flat surface with protection or place board on-in rimmed baking sheet, pour the straight Dawn on each oil spot, let sit for 1 minute, work it into spot with clean unused tooth brush, let sit for 5 minutes.
Then thoroughly rinse, it may take you 2 times with this method.
The other sugggestion is commercial or undiluted Simple Green, allow to sit on oil stains, work in with clean unused toothbrush, let sit for 5 minutes, rinse well, THEN wash slate with dish soap and sponge, rinse and allow to dry.
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