Did I mess up seasoning my wok? (please look at the picture)

I was trying to season my wok but somehow got the oil burnt stain as you can see in the picture. Will it be bad if I don't find a way to put the oil stain off? I try washing it off and even boiling soap water on it but doesn't seem to work much. Also it seems I didn't season the wok properly either so will it be okay if I leave it like this? I am super new to cooking and I am kinda scared of messing things up and get myself in danger because of this.

Palmmy Sivarapornsakul
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SillyBee July 26, 2020
Don't worry, it's just fine! I'd keep on cooking with it with an oil that has a high smoking point like avocado (But honestly most Chinese kitchens use a neutral flavored oil like peanut or canola). The more you use the wok, the more the oil will carbonize and create that non-stick effect, just like a cast iron pan. The carbonized oil is black so don't let that scare you. You don't even need much soap for washing because you don't want dissolve that carbonization. Just give it a good scrub. If the mark is really bugging you, Bar Keepers Friend will take it off but it's totally not necessary because you'll want to build up that black coating.
Palmmy S. July 27, 2020
Thank you so muchhhhhhh!!!! I was so worried because I just bought the wok like a week ago and fear I would need to get a new one. Your answer is super useful and such a reassurance. I don't mind the mark as long as it is safe so I will keep on working with it. Thank you again kindly.
Butter &. July 26, 2020
Hello Palmmy...

Cast iron or carbon steel are often the material used to make high heat woks, best suited for home cooks...these need to be seasoned, they have pores that absorb the seasoning oil, that over times helps to build up a non-stick barrier in the wok..

Your wok appears to be steel...which means that it DOES NOT need to be seasoned. And, good news...it's really durable, so you can scrub the burnt oil out of the pan with a little crumpled foil - it will have little swirl marks in it, but those will not weaken the pan...then use it as you like.

Keep in mind that steel woks may need more oil, as food sticks to them and you will need the added barrier...think Asian style steel vendors and their steel woks...they use a lot of oil because the food will stick to the metal otherwise.

With your type of wok high smoke point oil is essential...grapeseed oil or we love Thrive Culinary Algae Oil...you can buy both at Amazon or find them at your local grocery stores. You can also find high smoke point oils online...buy up (don't use low quality oil), they come in a range and pick a few, as they impart different types of flavor when you cook/bake/mix with them.

And...your pan is useful...don't be discouraged...different types of pans support different types of cooking...you just need to make a few adjustments - then off you go!

Butter & Bacon

Palmmy S. July 27, 2020
Thank you so much!! I was very nervous thinking I might need to buy a new one so your answer is was super helpful and encouraging. Also thank you for the tip about using oil and choosing high smoke point one. I am currently using corn oil and since you didn't mention it, I will try looking for the ones you recommended. Again, thank you for reassuring me and for all the useful info.
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