No lemon hummus

I've been craving some hummus, but the storebought makes my face itchy, and I think it's the lemon in it (lemon makes my face itchy) does anyone have any substitutes for lemon in hummus recipes?

Kaitlyn Long


Lost_in_NYC January 3, 2018
Agreed with Nancy on Sumac as a substitute but you may need a bit of it to bring out the tang that hummus needs! Amchur is an acquired taste (with Indian cuisine) so I would tread lightly with this.

Not sure if Limes are an option for you but if the citrus juice is too acidic would lemon/lime zest work instead?
Nancy January 2, 2018
* use orange juice (maintains acidity, if you can tolerate other citrus)
* use a vinegar you like (maintains acidity, no citrus-related problem)
* experiment with broth or water as a replacement (will maintain liquid, but not acidity)
* use a powdered seasoning to give the sour taste (amchur or sumac) and replace the lemon juice with water
HalfPint January 2, 2018
This recipe does not contain lemon or tahini,

I haven't made this, but I trust the King Arthur Flour recipes. Or you can make any hummus and leave out the lemon.
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