Lemon juice replacement for hummus?

I want to make hummus but realize I only have half of a lemon when I should have 2....can I just substitute some sort of vinegar? suggestions?

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • November 18, 2014


Gin November 8, 2015
Yes you can! Matter of fact, I was just looking for an answer to this earlier, before making hummus, and I thought "oh what the hell, I'll try it and see how it goes." And I'm glad it turned out great. I used balsamic vinegar as a substitute. If anything, I think it went slightly better this time.
Kristen W. November 20, 2014
...should it happen again in the future, that is. :)
Kristen W. November 20, 2014
Also, you can garnish with sumac to boost the citrus flavor a little.
SeaJambon November 18, 2014
In the "what it is worth" department, I frequently make hummus with balsamic vinegar instead of lemon. It is quite wonderful and not the least bit "vinegary".
drbabs November 18, 2014
I think vinegar would make it too... Vinegary. How about if you zested the half lemon, cut off the pith, and pulverized it and the zest in the food processor with the chick peas, etc.?. You'd get more intense lemon flavor without the vinegar. (Just my opinion)
TobiT November 18, 2014
I agree with this comment - and if you need a bit more liquid to replace the lost juice, dribble in some chicken broth until it gets to the texture you want.
Nancy November 18, 2014
I agree with Barbara. Vinegar as sub for lemon juice in hummus (I've tried it) doesn't cut it. Overall taste wasn't too vinegary. Rather, it lacked the brightness of lemon juice. So, yes, try her pulverizing trick (it gives good results making lemonade). Or, use another lime or orange if you have that around. Or don't make full recipe - adjust to make 1/4x (ratio of your half lemon to recipe's 2).
Natalie November 18, 2014
Thanks guys, I just made it -- cut down the amount and added lemon zest. Turned out great!
Sam1148 November 18, 2014
If you cut down the amount of the recipe. You have chick peas to use for salads.
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