How to check oven temperature using oven thermometer?

How to check oven temperature using oven thermometer?

I put oven thermometer into the oven and started preheating it at 200°C for 20 min.
My oven reached 200°C within 5-7 mins. After 12-15 min it reached 190°C. And it was still 190°C.
What does this mean?

Manisha Agrawal


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702551 January 11, 2018
Leave it on for an hour and periodically check the oven thermometer. If it reads 190°C then it appears your oven runs a little cool.

Change the temperature to 250°C, let come to full temperature, then monitor. Change the temperature to 150°C and again monitor. If the oven thermometer is consistently a few degrees lower, then you can be pretty sure that your oven is running a bit cool.

That means if a recipe calls for a 200°C oven, you may have to set your oven thermostat at 210°C so your oven actually reaches 200°C.

I know that my oven runs 5°F within the thermostat setting so I don't bother changing the thermostat setting. It's close enough for the type of cooking I do (I don't bake anymore).

Best of luck.
creamtea January 11, 2018
There are several possibilities:
"cool" spots in the oven
Oven may need to be calibrated
Some ovens take a little longer to heat up and maintain temps
Heating element kicks in when temperature drops to a certain level

Has the element kicked in now that it's about half an hour?
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