Non-fish fish sauce

Looking for suggestions for a Thai-style fish sauce without fish. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Posted by: GsR
  • January 11, 2018


GsR January 12, 2018
GsR January 12, 2018
Nancy, I wanted the fish sauce to try and make Thai meat dishes. The recipes I’ve seen almost universally call for fish sauce as seasoning. That’s what I’m trying to duplicate.
Nancy January 12, 2018
GsR - as Chops suggested, there are recipes out there for vegetarian sauce resembling fish sauce. They use vinegar, soy, fermented beans and/or paste (miso) to get flavor with similar notes. Throw in some usual Thai seasonings and garnishes (hot pepper, sprouts, mint, cilantro) and you will have some nice dishes.
HalfPint January 12, 2018
I would use salt and maybe some mushroom seasoning like this one:

or umami dust,

GsR January 12, 2018
Actually, it’s neither. But, important nevertheless. The laws of kosher do not allow fish and meat to be either cooked or eaten together. So, rather than the physical, it is a matter of the spiritual.
Nancy January 12, 2018
So do you want an umami or a salty flavor (or both) to use instead of fish sauce with meat meals?
GsR January 12, 2018
MMH January 11, 2018
I'm not sure how to answer this but it might help to know whether this is about an allergy or a preference.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 11, 2018
There are many brands of vegan fish sauces you could use. You could also make your own to substitute. There are many recipes online but I recall they use seaweed & mushrooms.
pierino January 11, 2018
The nearest thing I can think of would be Maggi. But it's a poor substitute. Can you tolerate any anchovy at all? That is the key component of everything from fish sauce, to colatura to worsterchire. It's the sine qua non that adds that ultimate, mysterious "bottom" flavor even if you don't know it's there.
GsR January 11, 2018
Thanks, but fish is definetly out of the picture.
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