How to make a moist well done London broil

Well done London broil how can I make it moist?

Cindy Howell


Liz B. January 14, 2018
I would suggest you try this - I was told this by a professional chef years ago and the London Broil was so amazingly juicy that I never cook it another way now. Take a dry cast iron pan and put the London Broil it and sear both sides until a nice crust forms. Then put the London Broil in a 250 degree oven and cook until the doneness you want. I hesitate to give an amount of time, because I don't know the weight of the cut you are using, but you'll be amazed how the searing keeps the juices in. Best of luck!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 13, 2018
If it has to be well-done... I would suggest slicing the London broil against the grain thinly before cooking These cuts of meat are usually sliced in a way so that the fibers are cut through, making the meat more tender and easier to chew. Also, cooking it in a it a sauce, ragu or gravy while cooking may increase the chances of it being well-done and tender as possible.
BerryBaby January 13, 2018
London Broil is best served rare to medium rare. If you want a moist, well done roast, this isn’t the correct cut. Suggestion...ask a butcher for recommendations they have helped me many times. Good luck!
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