Don't have lemon, will a little Basil pesto work?

Leo Langlois


PHIL January 24, 2018
Pesto is never a bad thing.

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PHIL January 24, 2018
Pesto is great but then you kinda made pesto pasta. The lemon gives the acidic component to cut through the butter and brighten the dish. If you don't have lemon you could use a splash of balsamic vinegar (white or regular). It's such a simple recipe the butter and broth can be a base for whatever you want. It would be fine without lemon or with lots of Parmesan cheese.
Joe C. January 24, 2018
Pesto pasta wouldn’t be bad though, but I like the extra parm.cheese, would get nice and melty, just watch salt content !
Joe C. January 24, 2018
I think that would be a great choice in place of lemon !
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