Professional baking question

Hi professional bakers! Im dying to know what sort of cupcake liners you like to use. Do you stick to a specific brand that comes away from your cupcakes nice and clean? Im making cupcakes for a party and dont want to have 50 torn up cupcakes sticking to their papers!

Jennifer W


PieceOfLayerCake April 6, 2017
You can always give your cupcake liners a quick spray with non-stick...unfortunately, I've never really found a liner that flawlessly comes away from the cake. As long as your liners aren't super absorbent, they won't be greasy if you spray them.

Aesthetically, I prefer simple liners in black, silver or gold. I also prefer them to be slightly more heavy duty than the flimsy white variety. I also, for a while, got really into making my own liners out of parchment paper. They lend a bit more of an "editorial" look, if you will, as opposed to something cutesy and childlike. Here's a link for that if you're interested.
Jennifer W. April 6, 2017
PieceOfLayerCake, thanks for the response. Id also prefer a neutral solid color and something a little more heavy duty however I dont want to have to make them myself and dont like the ones that stick up the top because it interferes too much with icing... So which brand/paper type of liners do you use, or what source do you use? Do you use Glassine paper liners? Im looking at these below but some say Glassine is not oven safe...
PieceOfLayerCake April 6, 2017
I use Global Sugar Art....I'm not sure about how much they "stick up"...but they're traditional cupcake liners. ( As for glassine, I've never used them but I can't imagine they'd market something as "baking cups" and not intend for them to be baked. That would be very foolish. The amazon page markets them as designed for muffin and cupcake recipes with "easy clean-up". If they're not for baking, I can't imagine what they'd be intended for.
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