What do people use cookie pans for if it’s not oven safe?



mstv February 3, 2018
In that picture the pan almost looks like it is made out of plastic, like a plastic tray. What is the material?
Nancy January 28, 2018
These pans are MEANT for oven use, and that's understood, so not on label.
Other things (like washing or other use ) are variable, so have to be noted.
Aside from baking cookies, they are often used for holding cakes or quiches while they bake (to catch possible overflows) or roasting various foods.
Hope this restores your confidence in using this pan safely.
Madison January 28, 2018
Ohhh thanks you!!
BerryBaby January 28, 2018
Is it a specific pan that you have? Cookie sheet pans are meant for baking cookies. Do you have a photo you could share?
Madison January 28, 2018
Is this is a cookie pan? I’m not sure... What do people use for this than?

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Nancy January 28, 2018
Unsafe how?
Please tell us more.
Madison January 28, 2018
On the bottom of the packaging it’s says dishwasher, freezer, and fridge safe but no oven safe.
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