any good recipes for leftover baked ham

  • Posted by: nancy56
  • December 28, 2011


Hilarybee December 29, 2011
I'm making split pea soup right now with a big ham bone. Here's a simple recipe that I like. I use organic green split peas and I like the taste and look. I really don't think there is much taste difference between yellow and green if you buy high quality split peas (field peas).
Helen's A. December 29, 2011
I second scalloped potatoes with ham & split pea soup. I just made a big batch of split pea soup. My grandmother always made it with yellow split peas. Gives a nuttier, milder soup, very yummy. My husband's family (who are not adventurous eaters) will not eat green split pea soup, but ask for seconds of mine!
inpatskitchen December 29, 2011
Wow! No wonder I've never liked split pea soup...I'll try it soon with yellow...thanks!
inpatskitchen December 29, 2011
I made scalloped potatoes with leftover ham, asparagus and cheese from our Christmas dinner..yummy!
Bevi December 29, 2011
We added ham to a blue cheese and mozzarella scalloped potato dish - yummy!
RobertaJ December 29, 2011
Ham noodles (essentially a ham soup with noodle-shaped dumplings), ham salad on biscuits, ham mixed into mac & cheese, ham mixed into au gratin or scalloped potatoes, ham sandwiches, ham and eggs, there a millions. Save the bone, and the shards of ham that don't cut into nice slices, and toss into a pot of beans (red beans and rice !), split peas soup, navy bean soup or best of all, into your Hoppin' John and Collards for New Year's day !
Sam1148 December 28, 2011
A good quiche is nice.
Bailey's C. December 28, 2011
Hundreds but my favorite is to make a simple white gravy, stir in the baked ham and serve it over fresh biscuits.
matchaflan December 28, 2011
fried rice, bibimbap (rice,egg,saute greens with sesame oil and sesame seed,pickled stuff like pickled daikon radish or quick pickled carrot aka carrot marinaded in vinegar,nori), in scrambled eggs or any egg dish for breakfast. These are all quick basic recipes fit for going through the leftover quickly, but if you want fancy complicated stuff I'm sure you can substitute raw pork with this ham (reduce cooking time etc) in a lot of recipes.
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