Pressure cooker -- Mepra vs. Kuhn-Rikon?

Has anyone out there tried the top-of-the-line Mepra recommended by/sold on this site ($270)? Kenji Lopez-Alt came out in favor of Kuhn-Rikon ($175). Can anyone compare these? Thanks :)



Customer-Care February 13, 2018
Hi there! We haven't tested out the Kuhn-Rikon version but we love the Mepra because it's completely dishwasher safe, where as it looks like the Kuhn-Rikon is hand wash only. Also, the accessible handle on the Mepra model makes it quite easy to open the cooker during use in case you'd like to check on your recipe!
LaCeleste February 22, 2018
Thanks! Follow-up question: is it easy, with the Mepra, to tell when you've set the right temperature on the stove?
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