What if I add cloves to French Onion soup?

Will it ruin the soup?

  • Posted by: Valerie
  • February 11, 2018


Nancy February 17, 2018
It will ruin the soup only if you or those to whom it's served don't like a taste of cloves.
There ARE recipes for French Onion soup that include cloves, so using them isn't (totally) beyond the pale, but it sounds strange.
Maybe make some Indian soups, or recipes which more commonly feature cloves.
Miss_Karen February 16, 2018
Yuck. Don't do it.

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Smaug February 12, 2018
It's your soup, put in whatever you like, but I don't think you could reasonably call it French Onion Soup with cloves in it.
BerryBaby February 11, 2018
I love cloves but not in French Onion soup. Yes, it would change the flavor. If you, personally, would like cloves add a dash (or a dried clove) to your soup bowl.
MMH February 11, 2018
Personally, I do not like that flavor but I think it would overwhelm the dish.
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