how to use up a bunch of clementines

i have about a 50/50 success rate in choosing a box of clementines. i recently picked up a batch that are not great (you know they're like... kind of dry? that's the only way I can think to describe them).

do you have any suggestions for how to use up a bunch?



Bevi February 20, 2018
I love making an olive oil and clementine salad dressing this time of year. I find that I do not need to add any additional sweetener. It's delicious with citrus and avocado salads, fennel and greens salads, and slaws of all kinds. The ratio of juice to oil is higher than when using lemons.
paizley February 20, 2018
What is the flavor like, other than just being dry? So I'd make a marinade. I'd quarter them with the peels then blend up with some water or OJ, lime or lemon juice and/or some vinegar. Add salt, some sweetener, garlic and onion powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, etc. Just remember some additional water might need to be added so the blender can process the mix. Great for grilling chicken and pork. You can freeze it, too.
Smaug February 14, 2018
This has come up a few times recently; while I would not want to advocate throwing away food, I would also like to emphasize that by now, the growing areas have had plenty of cold weather, and spectacularly good tangerines are widely available for very low prices- by all means go out and buy another bag and eat them. If you can use up your inferior fruit for marmalades, marinades and the like by all means do so, but don't let it stop you from trying again with new fruit.
PHIL February 14, 2018
I juice them and use in marinades and dressings in place of lemon juice.
BerryBaby February 13, 2018
Juice them, chill and enjoy.
MMH February 13, 2018
Maybe infused water?
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