How can replicate the starchy water you get cooking pasta without cooking the pasta?

Wayne French


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Smaug February 22, 2018
It's just water with a random amount of flour and, probably, a random amount of salt dissolved in it ,and maybe oil. If you want to mix your own, you could boil it a while for authenticity but the only real reason it is traditionally used to thin sauces (there will NOT be enough starch to thicken anything except pure water, and that won't be noticeable) is that cooks are thrifty and it's sitting there hot on the stove.
Chathura R. July 15, 2019
try this out
Nancy February 21, 2018
In a pinch, mix a spoonful of potato or corn starch in a cup of water.
HalfPint February 21, 2018
According to this Hotline link,

You can use mashed potatoes or breadcrumbs.
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