Uses for red wine vinegar

Help! I have recently acquired a bottle of red wine vinegar (I suspect its not top quality) and dont know what to do with it! Any suggestions for recipes or uses?

Abhishek Goyal


ktr March 1, 2018
I like to substitute red wine vinegar for half the balsamic vinegar when making balsamic vinaigrette.
ChefJune February 28, 2018
This is hands down my favorite use for red wine vinegar!
AntoniaJames February 28, 2018
I want some of that chicken, June. Now. (Just put it on my menu plan!) ;o)
Abhishek G. March 1, 2018
Thanks @ChefJune! I did see this recipe earlier when searching on the site but was not sure about how the vinegar and chicken (not to mention cream) would mix. Will try the recipe this weekend.
ChefJune March 1, 2018
Abhishek, just be sure you cook the vinegar down to a syrup before you add the cream. It will take some time. Be patient.
sameer February 28, 2018
AntoniaJames February 28, 2018
Sprinkle generously on any bean or lentil soup, and on hearty stews, before serving.
Toss hot potatoes with it when making potato salad.
Make these fried eggs (!):
Also, remember that vinegar keeps forever, so there's no rush to use it all up any time soon. Have fun! ;o)
Abhishek G. March 1, 2018
Thanks @AntoniaJames! I'll try the potato salad for sure and the egg also looks yummy. I remember seeing the recipe for the eggs a while ago but forgot! Will try for breakfast tomorrow :)
Smaug February 28, 2018
Wow. Red wine vinegar is a major workhorse in the kitchen, and answer to your question could make a good sized cook book. It is excellent in salad dressing, combines well with pretty much any sort of vegetables, good for deglazing pans and glazing potatoes, an excellent ingredient for marinades and barbecue sauces- it goes on and on.
Abhishek G. March 1, 2018
@Smaug: Thank you! I'll try to look at some recipes to use it with.
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