My red wine vinegar has rapidly growing mushroom like things!

I transferred the contents of a packaged bottle of red wine vinegar into another cleaned bottle and I suddenly realized it has this strange scoby type thing growing inside. But can scoby grown in vinegar?

  • Posted by: Suhasini
  • December 12, 2018


Suhasini December 12, 2018
Thanks everyone! I had a feeling it might be okay but it still freaked me out a bit! 🙈 Especially considering how quickly it's growing! Thank you for putting my mind at ease that a weird mushroom monster isn't going to break out of its jar and consume my whole family in the middle of the night! 😝
dinner A. December 12, 2018
Yes, it's fine. The growth is the microorganisms that originally turned the wine into vinegar growing some more.
14Sasha! December 12, 2018
Yea don’t worry girl. “Real” vinegar will do that. That’s literally how I make my own vinegar. I’m surprised that that happened in a commercial product, but that’s just means they left all the good for your health stuff. Is it gross? Heck yea. But all good 👌
C S. December 12, 2018
In vinegar it is usually called a "mother". I don't know a lot of specifics but if you add that to left over red wine you end up with vinegar eventually. I'm not familiar with scoby but think it is pretty much the same thing.
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