i'm wondering if almond milk can be subbed in ermine frosting and also if this best option for a buttercream for pipping that isn't too sweet?



m.sharpe March 14, 2018
thanks so much for the tips + help!! almond milk worked perfectly, it was SO easy to pipe and this was easily the best frosting i've ever had. i also didn't believe that this wouldn't turn out grainy since it requires granulated sugar, but it was perfect. super smooth, fluffy, not too sweet, tastes like whipped cream. i used the NY Times recipe (https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1016330-ermine-icing ) def recommend! thanks again!
Emmie March 8, 2018
Since it's thickened with the flour, it should be ok, so long as it isn't a flavored almond milk. I don't have much experience with ermine frosting but it sounds interesting and looks like it pipes well!
HalfPint March 8, 2018
I agree with Emmie. I've made ermine frosting before (it's one of my favorites!) and it's not thickening is not dependent on cow's milk. I even found a vegan ermine frosting that uses almond milk and Earth Balance and it doesn't look any different from the the traditional recipe:


Good luck! Tells us how it went.
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