Can I sub oat or almond milk for cream in a soup/chowder recipe?

I'm lactose intolerant so trying to find an alternative.

Kate Hartt


Miss_Karen January 8, 2020
Careful with the creamers....sometimes they have a strange after taste. I haven't had much success with them as a substitute.
Miss_Karen January 8, 2020
My son is allergic to the protein in cow's milk so,I use plain (not vanilla flavored) Silk almond milk in my soups/ chowders etc.
I don't have any problems with this. The only thing is it's a slight off color. I also use Earth Balance (sold in sticks or tubs) for butter. Which works/tastes EXACTLY like real butter. It isn't all weird like other butter substitutes....
Emma L. January 8, 2020
Hi Kate! Some non-dairy milks separate a bit when they're cooked, so I'd wait to stir it in until the very end. My first picks would be full-fat coconut milk or an extra-creamy oat milk. You can also find unsweetened non-dairy creamers, which might be nice!
Kate H. January 8, 2020
Thanks Emma!!!
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