Irish wholemeal flour for Irish Brown Bread: coarse or extra coarse

I live in the US and am able to find real Irish flour (Odlums brand). I would like to know whether I should use the "coarse" or the "extra-coarse". I would like to try and recreate as best as I can the delicious brown bread I enjoyed baked by many an innkeeper and B&B owner during my visit to Ireland. Thank you.

Helen B
  • Posted by: Helen B
  • March 9, 2018


Kiki K. November 30, 2019
Hi there! I've also been experimenting with brown bread since a recent trip to Ireland. My favorite so far is honestly equal parts extra coarse to strong white (aka bread flour) you could also do regular coarse and add a cup of rolled or steel cut oats!

Additionally, I have made the Lebovitz simple risen version and many many quick bread versions. They're all delicious! Soda is the more authentic to my personal experience but the yeasted version is so darn easy it's perfect for "company"

I realize this was posted over a year ago but wanted to add to the conversation.

Happy baking!
Nancy March 11, 2018
You could always make it with both, compare, and decide for yourself.
David Lebovitz has both eaten the bread in Ireland and made it from King Arthur Flour recipe, which uses coarse (not extra coarse). He loves this recipe.
And, go to BBC or Delia Smith for a local versions.
It all sounds delicious!
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