I bought eggs today and put most groceries away. Since the eggs were in a box (60 count), I didn't notice them still on the bar until I came back into the kitchen around 6 hours later. I did not see sweat on them and their temperature was still around 60 degrees when I stuck a thermometer in the box with them.
Are they safe? I hate to throw away 60 eggs if they are still good.

  • Posted by: Em
  • March 12, 2018


Em March 15, 2018
Thanks for your replies!
HalfPint March 13, 2018
They're fine. It was only 6 hours. Put them in the fridge. When you use them, rinse under water and then proceed. Actually, this is good practice with all eggs. Though I tend to forget to do this all the time.
Fredrik G. March 12, 2018
The are ok! You can store eggs in room temperature even the fridge is the more common way to store them!
Smaug March 12, 2018
I believe the main reason for using the frig is that they lose moisture more slowly- I remember reading a story about a guy driving all over India on a bicycle with some special eggs encased in grease.
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