Help!! I'm making a Swiss roll and I don't have Parchment or Wax paper. What is a substitute could use.

Stephen C Rodgers


foofaraw March 14, 2018
My mom just butter and flour her pan thicker than normal and tap the pan hard after it was turned upside down. I found that a coat of pan release works better than butter-flour on other cakes, but i haven't got to try it with the swiss roll.
She also used kitchen towel with sprinkled with powdered-sugar when rolling it.
AntoniaJames March 14, 2018
Such helpful tips, foofaraw. Thanks for sharing them! ;o)
foofaraw March 17, 2018
Thanks for the kind words @AntoniaJames!
HalfPint March 13, 2018
I would butter and flour the heck out of the pan. I'm leery of using buttered aluminum foil because, a long long long time ago, I tried to bake cookies on a pan lined with aluminum foil (yes, I was a total newbie in baking) and ended up burning the bottoms of the cookies because the aluminum foil heats up faster and hotter. So I don't recommend going the aluminum foil route.
Smaug March 13, 2018
I baked cookies on aluminum foil for years without trouble- this was before silpats or parchment were readily available to home bakers; I got it from Maida Heatter, definitely not a newbie. I mostly use silpats now- with different liners, you have to adjust your times and temperatures a bit, but it's not that hard. I wouldn't want to try rolling a jelly roll with aluminum- tears too easily, but it works fine for lining pans for sticky stuff like brownies
ktr March 13, 2018
We used to use a damp tea towel to roll up jelly rolls when I was growing up.
Smaug March 13, 2018
Did you line the sheet cake pan with anything?
ktr March 13, 2018
I don't remember lining the sheet cake pan with anything, just spraying it with nonstick spray or buttering the pan.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 13, 2018
Hi Stephen, I'm sorry you didn't get a timely answer to this. How did your Swiss roll turn out?
Smaug March 13, 2018
But it's still a pretty good question- greased and floured aluminum foil, maybe?
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