I've been beating my egg whites and there is no sight of any peak - Can I salvage them?

I'm using home laid eggs and have added salt but nothing is forming. The recipe is looking for soft peaks but no sort of peak is forming. Whenever I leave them alone for a moment white bubbles cover the egg whites. What's happened and is there any way I can avoid re-doing them?

  • Posted by: Morgan
  • March 14, 2018


nancy E. March 14, 2018
If there is even a speck of oil or grease on your bowl or beater you will not get a beaten white. The utensils must be impeccably clean.
Morgan March 14, 2018
Success! Now I've just got to hope the rest of the recipe goes to plan as I'm running out of eggs. The peaks have formed perfectly, thanks!
702551 March 14, 2018
Good to hear, best of luck with the rest of your recipe.
702551 March 14, 2018
Are the eggs super fresh?

The whites from freshly laid eggs are notoriously difficult to beat into peaks. It is far easier to beat egg whites from eggs that are 2-4 weeks old.
Morgan March 14, 2018
I think that might be it. Our oldest eggs are around 5 weeks old. Should I continue or give up now and start again with older eggs?
702551 March 14, 2018
Start again with the older eggs and report back.

In countries with more liberal food hygiene regulations, there might be a discreet tub of egg whites in a warmer part of a kitchen full of aging egg whites specifically intended for this purpose.

Best of luck.
702551 March 14, 2018
Also, the egg whites will whip up faster if they start at room temperature. Using refrigerator-cold egg whites slows down the process.
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