In search of a hearty lunch salad using pea shoots

Emily Davis Smith


Nancy March 26, 2018
Possibly too late for yesterday's urgent question. But if you are (still) wanting salads with pea shoots, look at Frank Stitt's Spring Herb Salad in his book Southern Table, 2004 or LA Times March 2005
He uses some fresh peas and pea shoots as a garnish. The food writer in LAT, Regina Schrambling, suggests adding edamame or various cheeses (blue, goat, rich French) for richness.
I've made it countless times and with many combinations of greens and herbs...always refreshing, always a hit with my guests.
Emily |. March 24, 2018
I have made this recipe with extra feta and once (out of pea season) with edemame instead of peas, which makes it protein packed but still vegetarian
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