What are some ideas to use pea shoots, besides salads?

  • Posted by: Bougie
  • June 19, 2012


em-i-lis June 21, 2012
A slight adaptation of Panfusine's 1st suggestion: chili pepper flakes instead of the goat cheese and pine nuts. It's like a hot, quick, fiery, seared saute o' goodness!
Panfusine June 21, 2012
Substitute pea shoots for the spinach in any Palak Paneer recipe.. It works great!
SeaJambon June 19, 2012
I might try what Panfusine suggests and then puree -- as a sort of pea shoot pesto.
jsdunbar June 19, 2012
In a stir fry it they are fun as one of the veges. They are also lovely quickly stir fried alone.
allans June 19, 2012
On veggie sandwiches - on top of a cold soup - puréed with mashed potatoes

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Panfusine June 19, 2012
Saute the shoots in a bit of oilive oil & garlic, toss in some toasted pine nuts & goat cheese, finish with a drizzle of lemon..
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