Spring red wine pairing

My husband and I received a bottle of Kosta Browne Pinot Noir as a wedding gift, meant to be enjoyed on our 5th anniversary. We missed drinking it on that date as I'm pregnant but after my due date in late May we plan to celebrate with it then. What would be a special entree that is both spring appropriate/seasonal and pairs well with red wine?

Emily | Cinnamon&Citrus


Exbruxelles March 27, 2018
This is quite likely an Anderson Valley pinot--although you'll have to check the bottle. This is cool, coastal California and you're likely to end up with a wine similar to something from Oregon. Having said that, it's just a really good wine and regardless of the specific California appellation, it will be food friendly. I like Pinot with rare lamb--a classic spring choice-- or salmon.

And BTW: Whoever gave you this wine loves you. It's special.
Greenstuff March 26, 2018
The saying in my family is that "pinot noir is French for goes with everything." Have whatever you and your husband love, it will be perfect.
PHIL March 26, 2018
Lamb is nice with Pinot Noir
Nancy March 25, 2018
Following lead from cv, looked up the winemaker's page for your wine, bottled approx 2013 (5 years ago) and good to drink until 2022.
That's quite some gift....lots of critical acclaim, and delicious fruity descriptors. Have a look:

They recommend
* pink fleshed fish (salmon, ocean trout, tuna)
* poultry (chicken, quail, duck)
* boeuf bourgignon
* stands up to spicy food
* good with vegetarian dishes, especially mushrooms.

With that wide a spread, you will very likely be able to make a main dish to your taste.

You could tailor it to spring with some fresh young vegetables in a stew or as a side dish - ramps, fiddleheads, spring onions, lots of herbs on top of a bed of young tender lettuce.

Wishing you a safe delivery and a joyous beginning as a new family....maybe save a taste for the baby, to indoctrinate him/her in the good life. ;)
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 24, 2018
You could use the wine to make Drunken Pasta (google) and drink remaining (if there is, depends on the recipe) and prepare spring appropriate sides to complement the dish.
702551 March 24, 2018
This winery produces a large number of single vineyard pinot noir bottlings as well as a number of wines from multiple sites. The flavor profiles vary from site to site as well as vintage to vintage.

My suggestion is that you contact the winery directly for their food pairing recommendations, being very specific about the exact bottling.

We could give you general recommendations on pairing food with red wine, but since California pinot noir producers make an incredibly wide spread of wine styles, it would be unlikely that any suggestion here might be the best match for your particular bottle.

Also, it is worth noting that California's multi-year drought has resulted in some rather pronounced differences between vintages even from the same producer and vineyard.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck.
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