Butter smells of fridge, but will it taste of fridge?

I'm trying to get used to sharing a fridge with 4 other strangers, and it's a process. Currently indulging in some late evening baking, I pick up a pack of butter to grease my pans, only to find that it smells of something... Not very pleasant. I think someone must have been keeping their takeout, or maybe the entire takeout shop, inside of the fridge, and now everything smells.

Can I still use this butter? Because the shop's are closing soon and I am very lazy.

Fredrik Backman


Charlie S. April 4, 2018
Taste a little pat of it and see....
BakerBren April 4, 2018
I agree with the others that for just greasing a pan, you should be safe. But have you tried tasting it? That will tell you if it tastes as it smells. We can't tell you that, but your taste buds will. Happy Baking!
ChefJune April 4, 2018
If you're just using it to grease a pan, I can't imagine it would be a problem. But you won't know until you taste it!
dinner A. April 4, 2018
You will probably be ok with the small amount you'd use to grease pans. I suppose it depends just how smelly your butter is, and also how mild the flavor of your baked good is. Alternatively, if you have coconut oil, I've found that it also works well for greasing baking pans.
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