boozy husband muffin request

Hello friends! My completely charming husband was ruminating (after his 3rd bourbon) last night about how awesome it would be to have a sweet muffin with savory elements. "Like a regular muffin, but with bacon and CHEESE!," he said. "So like a corn muffin," I said. "No, no, no," he said, vigorously shaking his head, "not sweet enough." Then there was a moment of silent contemplation. "With green chilies!" he pronounced, emphatically.

Anybody got any ideas? many thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • April 6, 2018


Scott April 10, 2018
I suppose advice to just make a muffin and put a shot glass next to it so he forgets that discussion after two or three is inappropriate. :o)

Not much advice to offer- as they say "cooking is an art, baking is a science" The levels of liquids, fats, and dry ingredients can make a tremendous difference in the final product. Think about the similarities and differeces between chocolate cake and a chocolate brownie. It's all in the ratios involved...

But I have to admit, a corn muffin with bacon, cheese, and a bit of jalapeno sounds tasty right now- and I just might be boozed enough myself to forget this comment tomorrow. (lol)
Niknud April 9, 2018
Thanks for all the help guys! I'm still struggling with this one but I may take ktr's suggestion and start with a blueberry-less muffin and then do the add ins. Was also thinking about doing a sweet enriched dough (like a parker house roll) and stuffing it. Not quite a muffin, but boozy husbands can't be picky.... :)
Nancy April 9, 2018
Rachael - your enriched dough with stuffing idea made me think of a cinnamon roll (with or without the cinnamon).
In any case, both yeast-dough rolls will keep better than quick-bread based muffins.
Nancy April 7, 2018
Just a guess, but bourbon.
There are muffin recipes where It's part of the batter.
Or some with bourbon butter as a garnish.
Miss_Karen April 7, 2018
Peanut butter and bacon muffins... SNARF!
foofaraw April 6, 2018
we have this amazing donuts shop that sells bacon crumble donuts with caramel glaze. So maybe something in that direction?
ktr April 6, 2018
Maybe start with a blueberry muffin recipe, remove the blueberries and add the bacon, cheese and green chilies.
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